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OCTOBER 5, 2019

Tickets on sale starting September 5

A collective of innovate ideas and proven strategies to enlighten, empower + ignite positive change and growth in all areas of your life.


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Are you Seeking a Bigger (more Badass) Version of Yourself?

Are you a Non-Settler, always Seeking Ways to Self-Improve?

Are you a Thought Leader, A Visionary?

Then this day is for you!

You will hear an inspiring morning keynote, from the co-creator of the Good Fest, Jess Baumgardner, and be entertained and energized throughout the day by our Madam of Ceremonies, Danielle Mercurio. You will have the option to experience a yoga session with Paige Chapman, Owner of Mama’s Wellness Joint and be offered 3 workshops - that together offer up strategies to enhance your personal brand and current state of focus helping you step into a bigger, better, more badass version of yourself.

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I am excited to help the people in our audience discover how they can show up in life truly like themselves. It’s more than just the clothes in your closet; it’s showing the world how you want to be seen.
— Susan Padron, Style Translator
As we make progress in our outer world it is equally important that we address what’s going on in our inner world, in our minds, emotions, and spirit. Conversely, if we aren’t seeing progress in our outer world, it could be due to unresolved issues in our inner world. In LYV I will be sharing techniques and strategies to bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment.
— Annette Ponnock, PhD, Spiritual Psychologist
We all have an energetic signature. It impacts every life situation we encounter. This signature is one of the most important & most ignored x-factors. It’s the reason why people “just know” you’re the person they want to be around. I can’t wait to can learn to manage it & create a life led by intention. I’m excited to teach you how to own your future success.
— Ilia Stranko, LMT, RM, Soulpreneur