See more of your greatness.

See more of your beauty.

Feel more at home in who you truly are.

The integrative approach of the day will give you the opportunity to:

  • Approach your vision with fullness and clarity

  • Take action from a place of inner stillness

  • Move from ideas just being in your head, to them moving with you in your body



9 a.m. - Doors open for registration

10 a.m. - Welcome and Kickoff

Danielle Mercurio - our Madame of Ceremonies - will give you plenty of pause for laughter and sheer joy as she guides us through the program - fair warning, your abs may be sore on Sunday and waterproof mascara recommended.

10:10 a.m. - Opening Keynote

Co-creator of Good Fest, and just all around inspiring human who makes you excited about life - Jess Baumgarder - will open up our day with a keynote on moving through growth from a place of confident balance.

10:35 a.m. - Workshop #1: HEAR IT TO HEAL IT with Annette

You will learn about the psychology behind your vision, including uncovering unconscious blocks that may be getting in your way. Annette will guide you through hands-on strategies that you will practice and be able to use at home to heal unconscious material and use it as stepping stones to your success and expansion. Be ready to go deep, be vulnerable, and get free!

11:35 a.m. - Movement & Stretch

No way we’re making you sit all day, sister! Paige Chapman, the owner of Philly’s own Mama’s Wellness Joint - will lead you through a yoga practice to take your vision and drop it deeply into your body.

12 p.m. - Lunch

1 p.m. - Workshop #2: WEAR IT TO FEEL IT with Susan

You will unpack what the experience of confidence looks & feels like for you in small moments and as a whole. Susan will teach you how to get crystal clear on how the simple choices you make every day may be keeping you from embodying your confidence. She’ll help you clean up the messages you’re sending to your inner world, and the outer world, with simple exchanges.

2 p.m. - Final Workshop: SEE IT TO CREATE IT with Ilia

You’ll learn how your energetic imprint impacts your ability to move forward, how to create an imprint that leaves a positive reaction in the world around you, and how this will invite in the experiences you want to achieve. Ilia will lead you on a journey to activate all that is possible so you can clearly see all that you have held in your heart for so long, actually happening in the world.

3:05 p.m. - Community Building Happy Hour

And then...it would just feel wrong to let you go back out into the world without a celebration and the opportunity to go around and give everyone a hug. We’ll end our day with a sisterhood social downstairs at One Nickel.

Radical empowerment doesn’t require perfection - all it requires is presence.

Are you ready? Join us on October 5th.