We care about you, and so we want to be fully upfront and honest with you - this isn’t just another “jazz you up for a day and give you a place to take some cute Instagram pics so you can go home and continue living the same way you’ve been living” sort of deal.

This is a, “I’m ready to make the uncomfortable changes required to honor the deepest knowings of my soul, and I know I need support from my sisters, cause there’s no going back once I’ve started, so I’ve gotta get myself there and probably forget my phone along the way,” sort of deal.

We knew you’d be in :)

Here’s the lowdown on the stories and the tools we’re bringing to the table to support you:

Soul-Centered Scientist


Annette Ponnock is currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence where she studies motivation and emotions. She received her PhD in Educational Psychology from Temple University and her MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Annette’s Work - Hear it to heal it

During her portion of the day, you will learn:

  • Discovering the gaps between where you are and where you want to be

  • Learn what to DO with those gaps to use them as fuel for where you’re headed etc.


Intuitive Stylist


Susan Padron is an intuitive personal stylist. In addition to working with personal clients, Susan is a certified fashion and celebrity stylist, who also enjoys doing wardrobe styling for editorial and commercial photo shoots.

Susan’s work - Wear it to feel it

During her portion of the day, you will:

  • Unpack what the experience of confidence looks & feels like for you

  • Get clear on the simple choices you make every day that are keeping you from embodying that confidence

  • Clean up the messages you’re sending to your inner world, and the outer world, with simple exchanges

After working in social work for 10 years, Ilia found herself drawn into the world of healing. She went to school and became a licensed massage therapist, a craniosacral therapy practitioner, completed additional coursework to specialize in oncology care / chronic conditions and became a Reiki Master.


ILIA STRANKO, Personal Growth + Healing Specialist


Ilia’s work - See it to create it

During her portion of the day, you will:

  • Tune into the imprints you leave on the world around you - and learn how to be in command of them and their effects

  • Journey into a space of electric possibility with tools to activate that possibility into action

  • See, clearly, all that you have held in your heart for so long, happening in the world



DANIELLE MERCURIO, Confidence Coach and Spiritual Teacher


Danielle Mercurio is paving the way for personal growth to be recognized as a sustainable force within a modern society. As a confidence coach and spiritual teacher, she empowers individuals & entrepreneurs to be successful, intentional, and live life on purpose.



JESS BAUMGARDNER, Pregnancy and Motherhood Coach


Jess Baumgardner is a pregnancy and motherhood mentor, positivity ambassador, and mother of 3. After a decade in marketing, she left her well-paid career and found her true calling in leading the way to a balanced psyche and healthier body. A creative wizard of real and educational moments, she connects with women and guides them through the wonders and struggles of motherhood.


PAIGE CHAPMAN, Owner - Mama’s Wellness Joint



Paige has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and upon moving back to Philadelphia from NY and San Francisco, became a trained and passionate Doula through Birth Arts International. She is providing a yoga and movement session at LYV 2019.

That confident, fierce, woman - the one embodied in her mission from the inside out, she's finally got a safe space & community of sisters to help her wobble through her first steps.